The KHSAA Board of Control met Tuesday morning and voted to have a fall sports season.

The big takeaways from the meeting were:


Start of practice August 24th.

Three week practice period.

First game September 11th.

The teams would pick up with current schedule.

Playoffs to be pushed back a week to give teams an open week for an extra game at the end of the regular season.

Playoffs to start November 13.

Full five week playoff.

The roster will be limited to 60 players.

Starting August 24, teams can practice 7.5 hours for the first week of practice.

There will be no pre-season scrimmages, unless a team doesn’t have a game on the opening week, September 11, then they can scrimmage that week if they so choose.

State championships scheduled for December 11-12.

Soccer, Volleyball, Cross Country and Field Hockey.

Practice start August 24.

Season start September 7.

Seeding for post-season play will be determined by a one game seed plan; if teams play multiple times, the first game shall be the seeded game.

Rosters for soccer and field hockey will be limited to 24 players, cross-country will consist of a 10 player roster and volleyball will have a 15 player roster limit.

Competitive cheer and dance:

Practice starts August 24th.


Teams can play out of state teams that play on a bordering county with the state.

Also a motion passed to limit to all competitions (except golf and cross country) to in team sports to eight teams.

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